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We’re serious about electricity, and we enjoy playing with the latest technology too. But at Cato, our focus is people. And that’s our team, and our customers. We understand that every home and office is different. That’s why our solutions and services are unique too. With a team of industry specialists, we’re here to design and install the right system for you. Using the smartest technology, and 15 years of experience, we’re proud to support households and businesses across the South East of England.


We take care of traditional electrical services, but we also specialise in Home Automation, EV Charging and Solar Panel installation too. So if you have a project in mind, we’ll make it happen. Because, really, our job is simple. We’re here to keep homes, offices and industrial buildings safe. But we like making people smile too.

So whether you’re looking for electrical support in your home or offices, we’d love to help. Get in touch to see how we can improve your energy efficiency, and save you money too.


Helping Families & Businesses across the South East


Every building is different. And the people inside are too. That's why our team is here to get to know you, and to understand your needs. Our electrical specialists are a friendly bunch, and they are here to build a bespoke system that is just right for your family or business. Take a look at our services below, and get in touch to let us know your ideas.

If you can think of it, we'll make it a reality!


Design • Install • Maintain


Made Simple

We’re here to take care of any domestic, commercial or industrial electrical projects. And by ‘take care’, we don’t just mean install. Our specialists are on hand to design, fit and test a bespoke system for you. And once you’re up and running, we’re always on hand to take care of the ongoing maintenance too. So whether you’re ready to go green and install Solar PV renewable technologies, or you’d like to make your office efficient and secure with a bespoke business management system, we’re here to make your electrical appliances and systems safe and simple. Whatever your objectives, if you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Get in touch, and talk to one of our team today.


Design • Install • Maintain


Charging Solutions for Businesses and Homes

We’re here to help businesses and homeowners benefit from cheaper, greener driving. Our apartment and home solutions are great for everyday convenience, but green living doesn’t stop on your driveway. EV cars are for enjoying the ride, and to do that, you need power on the go. With a collection of advanced technology to hand, we can recommend the best solutions for you to charge on the go. Or perhaps your business is promoting a green culture, and you’d like a car park complete with the latest EV charging stations. From retail car parks to office fleets, our technical installations are designed to work around you. Whatever your needs, our team of industry experts are here to make your EV charging design, installation and maintenance as efficient as your car.

Get in touch to find out more.


We’re here to consult, install and maintain your office or commercial premises EV charging system. From a single point installation for SME’s, to a multi-site depot for large corporations, we can design the right solution for your workforce or business.


We all know that electric cars offer cheaper, cleaner and greener energy, but which EV charging station is right for your family? There’s lots of options, and we’re proud that by leading the way in green innovation, we can help to design, install and maintain the right charger for you.

Ready to install your EV Charging Point? Get in touch to book your free consultation!


With EV Charging


For Smart Cars and Drivers

We’re proud that our team is at the forefront of EV charging, and our technology gives us the flexibility to fulfil even the most complex installations. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll design a solution that works for you.

1. Consultant Advice
To understand your needs, and to meet planning regulations and environmental targets

2. EV Specialists
Will design your bespoke charging system, and will install at your convenience

3. Expert Support
Advice on location, power, metering options and controlling access to charge points

4. Ongoing Maintenance
Installation, and ongoing maintenance in our inclusive aftercare


With EV Charging

So if you’re ready to go green, our team is ready to help. Get in touch, and we’ll help advise you


Talk to Your House and Make it a Smart Home

Every property is different. And the people inside are too. Maybe you’d like your heating and lights to work together, and be ​just​ right for when you get home. Or perhaps you want a building management system that will give you one less thing to think about, and help your office complex take care of itself. Our team is here to make your life easier, and to design a system that works for you. Because if you can think of it, we can get your devices communicating, and make it happen.


With KNX Technology

We’re proud that our KNX home automation systems are at the forefront of the industry. These systems give us the ability to design and build with creativity. Think smoke alarms and lighting systems that activate in tandem, or heating and electrics that give live consumption data; this helps you manage your energy consumption, and regulates their usage with ease.

Making your devices work in sync gives you control. Houses become homes, and work premises get smart. And for extra ease, the handy app makes it quick and easy to change settings on the go too. For some, automation brings security, and for others, it’s there for convenience, so with us on hand, we can make the system work for you. Our team is here to design, program and install, and we’re here for ongoing support too.


Because Every Family is Different

Automation helps your home get to know you. Because walking downstairs to a dimly-lit kitchen and warm kettle is a great way to start the day; and during the evening commute, knowing that your home will greet you with a toasty-warm temperature helps you unwind fast. For those that work away, blinds that rise in the morning, and fall in the evening, brings a sense of security. Each household is different, so we get to know your routine, and design a bespoke system tailored to your family. It’s all about comfort, peace of mind and convenience. Let’s make your house more than a house; let’s make it a smart home.


That are Cost Effective, Comfortable and Secure

Building automation can be integrated into any premises, and we’re on hand to design a system that meets your needs, and saves you money. By controlling the lighting, air conditioning, heating and blinds, we can create a comfortable working environment, and maximise productivity. And by installing energy management systems, we can make maintenance costs friendlier too. Creating a digital infrastructure reduces energy waste, and increases security and efficiency; and with KNX technology, we can design communications systems that simplify the building management of any premises.


Designed to Work For You

• Lighting
• Heating
• Audio Equipment
• Blinds
• Building Management Systems
• Energy Management
• Household Appliances

We’re great at making devices talk, but we like talking to people too. Give us a call or drop us an email today- we’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees it Grows on Houses

We love renewable energy. Everyone knows that solar power is great for the environment, but our panels will make your wallet happy too. The energy generated counts towards your energy usage, so your property can start earning its keep. And whether you're looking for domestic, commercial or industrial systems, we’re here to help design and install the right system for you. So if you’re ready to go solar, we’re here to make the process, well, sunny.


Make Your Coffee Taste Even Sweeter

With the ​Sun powering your household appliances, you’ll generate your own electricity and have friendlier energy bills. That way, you’ll pay less to the big bad energy providers, and you’ll help the environment too.


Next Level Energy for Smart Businesses

Climate change targets are increasing, and that’s affecting businesses big and small. Stay one step ahead and future proof your business with a roof-mounted solar system; it’ll show your support for carbon efficiency, and keep your energy costs low too.


for Choosing Cato Solar

Climate change targets are increasing, and that’s affecting businesses big and small. Stay one step ahead and future proof your business with a roof-mounted solar system; it’ll show your support for carbon efficiency, and keep your energy costs low too.

Friendlier Electricity Bills

Your solar panels will soak up some of your electricity usage, helping to cut your bills.

Solar is the Energy that Gives Back

If your solar system has generated enough energy to cover your usage, you can sell any surplus electricity back to your supplier.

The Sun isn’t Going Anywhere Fast

That means you’re investing in renewable energy for the long haul, and reducing your carbon foot-print too.

Side-step Rising Energy Costs

Installing solar panels helps you to future proof against rising energy costs, so that’s a future headache avoided and some rainy day money too!

Solar Panels Take Care of Themselves

Well, for a long time anyway. Once installed, the systems are generally low maintenance and shouldn’t need replacing for 20-30 years.


A Smart Investment, With a Slow Burn Return

Yes, there’s no avoiding an initial investment when you decide to go solar. But it’s probably not as costly as you think. And since Solar PV will be the cheapest form of power within a decade, there’s no doubt it’s a worthwhile investment. By 2030, we’re confident that 79% of energy used here in the UK will be renewable, so get ahead of the trend now, and start enjoying the benefits of Solar energy today.

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Welcome to Smart Energy Living

SolarEdge Home puts you firmly in control of your energy future. This personal 24-hour home energy ecosystem is designed to adapt to your changing needs, preferences, and lifestyle – perfectly aligning your solar energy usage with your energy production.

With SolarEdge Home, you produce the maximum amount of solar energy possible and use more of it throughout your home  - day and night – to amplify your savings. Start with a basic SolarEdge Home solar & storage package and add more components as your needs grow. 

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